There may be nothing more threatening than being charged with a crime that you didn’t even know you were committing. You may be going about your normal business when suddenly you are placed under arrest and charged. This happens to many law-abiding citizens every day and it is very possible that it has happened to you. If you have been charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, you potentially didn’t know you were even committing a crime.

Because drug paraphernalia can consist of many broad tools and even everyday items, it is possible you have been charged unfairly. There are certain types of drug paraphernalia that are legal to possess. However, depending on how you are using it, it may be deemed illegal. You may not know how to defend yourself when it’s difficult to understand how you were even committing a crime. It may be best to contact a drug crimes attorney in Dallas to help you navigate the legal waters that you will have to enter to fight your charges.

Will Possessing Legal Drug Paraphernalia Get Me In Trouble?

There are many pieces of drug paraphernalia that you can legally own. One example of this is rolling papers. Rolling papers are often used to roll handmade tobacco cigarettes or cigars. As long as you are eighteen years or older, there is nothing illegal about using rolling papers in conjunction with tobacco. However, rolling papers are also often used to roll marijuana joints and blunts. The major key in whether or not you will be in trouble for possessing drug paraphernalia may involve other evidence found alongside your drug paraphernalia.

If traces of marijuana are found with your rolling papers, this may be a reason you were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Sometimes, illegal searches are conducted when drug paraphernalia is found. This can be used as a viable defense in court and may end up with having your charges dropped. Consult with a law firm helping clients with criminal defense to help you put together a solid defense for your case.

What are Some Types of Drug Paraphernalia?

There is a wide range of items that are considered drug paraphernalia. Accessories such as grinders, hookahs, bongs, rolling papers, spoons, needles, and even an apple, can be considered drug paraphernalia. As always, the context and evidence surrounding the item you were accused of possessing will determine whether it is drug paraphernalia.

How Can a Drug Crimes Lawyer Help Me Win My Case?

The Medlin Law Firm has years of experience in dealing with drug paraphernalia cases. Your scenario may line up with one that The Medlin Law Firm has seen. With their experience, they can strategize to build you the strongest case possible to have your charges reduced or dropped. Contact The Medlin Law Firm to get your defense started today.