When family arguments escalate, there can be a risk of a physical altercation brewing. While a lot of arguments never reach that point, emotions often get the best of people and can create a violent situation. You may have been a part of such a situation. You know how difficult a situation can be and so do many experienced domestic assault attorneys. If you have been charged with domestic assault, consulting with a law firm that handles criminal defense cases may help you put together a case for self-defense. Self-defense during a domestic assault is common. Even if you are alleged to be the provocateur or instigator of the altercation doesn’t make it true. The court will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you did not act in self-defense in order for your charges to hold up. A criminal defense attorney knows what it takes to defend you and your self-defense claims in court.

What Makes Up a Good Self-Defense Case?

An effective self-defense case should be comprised of solid evidence that points towards self-defense. This evidence may include visible injuries obtained by you, an admission of violence made by your accuser in a police report or statement, or testimony from someone else in the house, possibly even your children. Self-defense may also mean you were attempting to defend your children or other members of your family from any harm. The more evidence you have that points towards self-defense, the more successful your case might be. A trusted self-defense lawyer can help sort through evidence and accounts to make sure a thorough case of self-defense is put together.

Should I Claim Self-Defense for My Domestic Violence Case?

Claiming self-defense may not always be the best route to take when proceeding through your case. If there is a good amount of evidence that shows you lawfully defended yourself or others, self-defense might be viable. However, if the evidence is lacking, you may want to find a different approach. It may be difficult to make that decision yourself. An experienced domestic violence lawyer can advise you towards one path or the other.

How Can a Domestic Violence Attorney Help Me Claim Self-Defense?

When necessary, self-defense can be a great way to combat your charges. The Medlin Law Firm can represent you in your case and can advise if claiming self-defense for your domestic violence charge will benefit you. Navigating the justice system can be daunting, but contacting The Medlin Law Firm can be the first step to simplifying the process and putting yourself in a great position to succeed.