Any theft crime has the ability to affect your life negatively. However, some theft crimes are more troublesome than others. Grand theft auto is not only a popular video game but a major theft crime that has severe consequences. Being charged with grand theft auto requires means that you have stolen or obtained a vehicle fraudulently. A grand theft charge on your record can affect your ability to obtain lawful employment and file for certain services and loans. A conviction can make those matters even worse, on top of having to pay a hefty price with both time and money. If you have been charged with grand theft auto, contact a grand theft auto criminal defense attorney to help you with your case.

What are the Penalties for Grand Theft Auto?

Depending on the value of the vehicle you have been charged with unlawfully taking, you may be facing Class A misdemeanor charges or felony charges. For instance, if you are charged with unlawfully obtaining a vehicle worth anywhere between $750 – $2,499 you may be charged with misdemeanor grand theft auto. Anything stolen or fraudulently obtained vehicle valued above $2,500 can end up in felony grand theft auto charges.

Prison time for felony grand theft auto charges range from two years to basically life in prison. Looking at major penalities in your grand theft auto charge may make you worried about your future. Put your case into the hands of an experienced grand theft auto criminal defense attorney to ensure your rights are protected the best they can.

How Can I Get My Grand Theft Auto Charges Reduced?

Getting your charges reduced in a grand theft auto case may be possible by utilizing specific defense strategies. Intent is an often-used defense in a grand theft auto case. An argument about whether you intended to steal a vehicle or not knowing a vehicle you purchased was stolen can be valid in court and can give you the leverage you need to get your charges reduced or even dismissed. The best way to defend yourself in court is by contacting a criminal defense lawyer to see your case through from start to finish.

Can a Lawyer Get Me Positive Results in Court?

The Medlin Law Firm knows the rights and liberties you have and rightfully deserve. A grand theft auto conviction may strip you of rights and liberties for as long as you live. Don’t let that happen without a fight. Contact The Medlin Law Firm to gain experienced legal representation for your case.