Drunk driving is incredibly dangerous. On top of risking severe injuries and property damage to yourself and your property, you are putting other people in jeopardy. An unfortunate part about drunk driving is that, all too often, it ends up with someone else getting very hurt or even killed. If you have been charged with a DWI and were involved in a catastrophic accident that left someone else severely injured or dead, you may be in a tough spot. An accident of that caliber can leave you feeling like you have no options.

You may feel guilty for the devastation and worried about the consequences you may have to pay. Without the legal guidance of a DWI attorney in Dallas, you may be likelier to have to serve significant time and pay the price for your DWI charge. However, if you seek the assistance of an experienced DWI lawyer to help you throughout your case, it may help you get your charges reduced or have your case dismissed. Reach out to a DWI lawyer as soon as possible to get your defense underway.

How Can I Get My Charges Reduced After a Deadly DWI Accident?

Potentially being culpable for someone else’s death due to a DWI can be difficult to overturn in court. However, depending on other circumstances such as the deceased’s role in the accident and the specifics of how you were arrested, you may be able to have your charges reduced. It’s entirely possible you are not found solely responsible for the accident that occurred through evidence. In order to present and fight for arguments like those, it’s highly advised to have a DWI lawyer by your side.

Will My License Be Revoked Because of My DWI Accident?

Depending on the severity of your charges, it’s very likely that you will have your driver’s license suspended. The length of your suspension will be determined by the court. If you are a repeat offender for DWI, you may have your license completely revoked. This can infringe on all aspects of your life and can be stressful to deal with. Reach out to a criminal defense lawyer in Dallas, TX to fight for your rights.

How Can a DWI Attorney Help Me?

The Medlin Law Firm has a track record for defending those dealing with DWI charges under any circumstances. If you are dealing with a DWI that ended in a tragic accident, be sure to reach out to The Medlin Law Firm for a free, no-hassle case evaluation.