In Texas, gun rights are not only important but at times, also necessary for some residents. Because Texas is an open carry and concealed carry state, many residents of Texas exercise their rights by carrying their firearms on them anywhere they go. Although many locations do not ban firearms as long as they are properly stowed and handled, other places do lawfully restrict firearms on their premises. The most common places that carrying a firearm can be deemed unlawful are schools, polling places on the day of an election, racetracks, airports, and government institutions like courts.

There are exceptions when it comes to carrying a firearm in these locations but they require legal permission from the proper authorities to do so. Carrying a firearm can be so second nature that you forget you are even carrying your firearm into a restricted location. Mistakes happen but even the most innocent of mistakes can prove to be costly for you. If you or a loved one have been arrested or charged for unlawfully carrying a firearm in a restricted location, you may want to contact a criminal defense lawyer to strategically defend you in court.

Why Can’t I Lawfully Carry a Firearm in Certain Places?

There are a few places where carrying a firearm may be alarming for people. Densely populated businesses or locations can be problematic if you are carrying a firearm. Consider a highly-trafficked location like an airport as an example. There are tons of people, many of whom aren’t native to Texas, who may not know your intentions with the weapon you are carrying.

Other businesses simply may not be comfortable with their patrons carrying weapons. However, appropriate signage may need to be put in place for a business to restrict your ability to carry a firearm. Contact a weapons crimes attorney in Dallas if you have been charged with unlawfully carrying a firearm to have your rights and freedoms restored.

What are the Penalties for Unlawfully Carrying a Firearm?

Unlawfully carrying a firearm can be a felony. Felonies, even in their least severe forms, can be detrimental to the quality of your life. Prison time in the range of several months to several years may be waiting for you should a conviction be decided in court. Let an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Dallas, Texas handle your case and give you an opportunity to clear your name of any wrongdoing.

What Can a Weapons Crimes Lawyer Do For Me in Court?

The Medlin Law Firm is well versed in gun laws and rights. Don’t let your run-in with the law due to your unlawful carry charge get the best of you. Reach out to The Medlin Law Firm today for a free consultation.