Family life isn’t always easy. Although most parties work to resolve their issues, relationships in a family can be fragile. Sometimes, these relationships dissolve to the point of no reconciliation. It’s possible that you are in a situation where the relationships between you and your family members, including a significant other, have reached their breaking point. Arguments happen and sometimes they come to a boil. If you have been in a domestic dispute or have been accused of or charged with domestic violence, you may have had a protective order placed against you.

A protective order is a type of restraining order that can be imposed on someone related to you when you do not wish to be contacted by them. It is typically put into place when someone feels threatened by another member of their family. Having a protective order placed against you can infringe on your rights. You may have to find another place to stay until the protective order is lifted or expires. You may not be able to own a firearm during this period of time. And it is possible that a protective order placed against you will even show up on your record. Fight for your rights with a Dallas domestic violence attorney.

How Did I Violate My Protective Order?

If you have a protective order against you, it is possible to violate the order by coming into close contact with the person that had the order placed against you. Even amicably talking to this person to resolve your differences can be considered a violation of the protective order. If you are accused of a violation, proof of no-contact with the accusing party can make a major difference in your case. Consult with a Dallas criminal defense lawyer to give you advice on how to fight against a protective order violation.

Can I Contest a Protective Order?

A protective order can be detrimental to your life. It can complicate logistics and even leave a mark on your record. Contesting a protective order is within your rights. The most effective way to contest a protective order and restore your liberties is by reaching out to a protective order attorney for legal help.

What Will a Domestic Violence Lawyer Do To Help Me With My Case?

A protective order can come from a place of fear of the accusing party. It may be unfair to you to have to contend with a protective order as it strips you of your way of living. The Medlin Law Firm can aid you with your protective order case and advise you every step of the way. Contact The Medlin Law Firm now for a free case evaluation.